Living the Dream

In love and happy, with a marriage that back home in Colombia people would kill for, Tom and Naomi Barnes, pursue their dream of prosperity and the perfect family in a London brimming with opportunity.

While Tom works long hours for a super-hedge fund, Naomi becomes the ghostwriter for fellow prep school mum and Haitian immigrant Solange Wolf with whom she shares parallel lives. Tom becomes increasingly successful and soon the family are living the dream. But as money and prestige increase, Naomi can’t shake the paranoia that comes from accelerated wealth and a culture of maledicion.

When Solange suddenly announces that the manuscript they have been working on was all based on secrets and lies, Naomi, whose own life is beginning to unravel, starts to doubt not only Solange’s grasp on reality but her own and she begins to seriously question the very foundation of her love and marriage to Tom, with devastating consequences.

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Formats available: Hardback, paperback

First published: November 29, 2019

Publisher: Jacaranda Books

ISBN: 9781913090050

reviews for Living the Dream

"What a dream! Isabelle Dupuy's book rings very true: I have recognised many of my London friends through the pages -and some in many other European capitals.
She has incredible humour and talent for the small detail that kills, but also deep empathy to describe the pain through it all. A page turner!"

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"What a powerful debut novel - I read it in one sitting. I enjoyed this book not just because I recognised myself in every chapter (immigrant mother / wife living in NW London), but because of the multiple layers of thought-provoking ideas woven throughout the story."

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"Couldn’t put it down, loved it! The kind of novel you are looking forward to curl up to at the end of the day. Lots of relatable issues for all Londoners, mothers, spouses, friends in the context of Brexit, modern England, migration, family."

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"An engaging and impressive debut from a new and welcome voice to the literary landscape."

Yvvette Edwards

Author of The Mother and A Cupboard Full of Coats