Living the Dream

In love and happy, with a marriage that back home in Colombia people would kill for, Tom and Naomi Barnes, pursue their dream of prosperity and the perfect family in a London brimming with opportunity. While Tom works long hours for a super-hedge fund, Naomi becomes the ghostwriter for fellow prep school mum and Haitian immigrant Solange Wolf with whom she shares parallel lives. Tom becomes increasingly successful and soon the family are living the dream. But as money and prestige increase, Naomi can’t shake the paranoia that comes from accelerated wealth and a culture of maledicion. When Solange suddenly announces that the manuscript they have been working on was all based on secrets and lies, Naomi, whose own life…

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"What a dream! Isabelle Dupuy's book rings very true: I have recognised many of my London friends through the pages -and some in many other European capitals.
She has incredible humour and talent for the small detail that kills, but also deep empathy to describe the pain through it all. A page turner!"

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About me

Isabelle grew up in Haiti, went to university in America and moved to London to work at Merrill Lynch in her late twenties.  She’s lived many lives since but all of them in North-West London.  Living the Dream is her first novel.